The Back Story

The Back Story of D2's New Owner

D2 | Web Works: My web, graphics, photography, and technical career as a professional began in 1998 when I owned and operated DHD Promotions and Marketing while also running an MTB Race Series.

Background The first GES Website 1999

Throughout my journey, I had the privilege of working with exceptional customers, clients, and partners across diverse industries, allowing me to grow alongside their business and online following, which expanded to thousands of people nationwide. This collaboration often resulted in a significant increase of 5%-25% in their bottom line.


Hire Me

About Me

Owner, Consultant, Designer, I am Daniel McDonald

D2 | Web Works: With 24 years of experience in the web, technical, and digital industry, I bring valuable assets to my clients. When you’re ready to hire a web design firm, trust in my expertise and creative eye for visuals. I offer graphic design services and specialize in SEO, CPC, PPC, SEM, and more.


My Vision

D2 | Web Works specializes in consultative web development, creating seamless exchanges of vision and content. Our expertise in creative design and optimization delivers stunning websites that perform at their best. Enhance your online presence with our comprehensive website maintenance and management services, allowing you to focus on your business. We also bring personal projects to life and offer hosting packages with convenient monthly payment plans for website design services.

I believe design is a process

I prototype and iterate

I design and develop



The scope of the project for D2 | Web Works revolves around identifying the crucial elements of the website, logo, or graphic design, and comprehending your expectations. This is the discovery phase.


Design & Development

This phase, known as the design and development of D2 | Web Works, involves gathering your provided content and creating a prototype or mockup for your review. During this stage, you have the freedom to request edits or changes with ease.



During this phase at D2 | Web Works, I will optimize the website for SEO and enhance its structure, Meta Tags, and various technical refinements. Additionally, any additional services required will be seamlessly integrated within this phase.


Deploy Live Site

This marks the culmination of D2 | Web Works. A date and time will be determined for the website launch, ensuring highest quality and optimal performance through meticulous browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, and multiscreen functionality.

Education and Expierence


  • Foundation of web & graphic design
  • WordPress, CSS, Javascript
  • PHP, Python and cPanel
  • Builders – Divi, Elemntor
  • Low cost, Wix, Squarespace etc.
  • eCommerce – Woocommerce, Shopify


  • Bachelors of Science (Psychology)
  • Business Administration
  • Certificate in Marketing CPPM